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How to Remove Oil Stain from Upholstery?


Oil stains are a problem that is present in many homes from time to time. Upholstery on furniture is especially susceptible to these stains, as greasy food, body lotion or even hair oils can easily rub off and produce a stain on your upholstery. Oil and grease stains can not only get on your clothing and on walls but also on your carpet and upholstery, if we eat near these surfaces or from a greasy bag. But you need to remove that stains from your upholstery by using right equipment’s. Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Sydney is here to help you with all types of upholstery cleaning.  


Ways to Remove Oil Stains from Couch:-

  • By using hairspray on upholstery is also helpful because it is fine stain removal from your couch. Then spray this hairspray on oil or grease stain and take it quite a lot of it out instantly. Then, wash and air dry that stains.
  • By using baking soda or cornstarch on oil stain and soak it till 15-20 minutes then remove it from wet cloth. If the grease spot is still here then it should be cleaned by dry cleaning solvent and remain this solution till it should not be dry. Then remove this solution from your upholstery and you see the magic that your spot should be cleaned and vacuum it for drying purpose.
  • You also use shaving cream to remove the stain. But if shaving cream is not present in your home then you will use dish liquid instead. Rub a small amount into the stain with a dry cloth and then rub the area with a cotton cloth. Once the stain is removed, sponge the area with water to remove any residue from the cleaner.
  • The shampoo is also more effective stain removal in your home. It is designed to get grease and natural oils out of your hair. So why not your clothing? Just grab a little of your usual shampoo and rub it into the stain like a pre-treatment. Then wash as directed. It should work like a charm.


Call Professionals.

Oil stain can be stubborn and would attract more dirt, after some time the oil stain spot will turn into an ugly sticky spot. Which becomes the most stubborn stain on the upholstery, we at Fresh Upholstery Cleaning have hired the proficient and skilled experts to do the upholstery cleaning. If you’re searching for the best Professional Upholstery Cleaner, you should book our services, we always ensure that our customers would have the best in class service.

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Keep Going Well, Keep going Upholstery Cleaning

As you know upholstery cleaning is a special type of cleaning that must be essential for your home and also completed by a professional. However, because it is a special type of cleaning, most people also have a lot of questions about it before they hire someone to do the work for them. As your upholstery is a big time investment, replacing them with new ones often is difficult. Proper cleaning and maintenance are necessary to uphold the look and health of the upholstery. As you know dirty upholstery could be filled with allergens that pollute indoor air quality and cause respiratory problems.


In today’s world healthy and green environment has become very important. So it is your responsibility that your upholstery should be cleaned with eco-friendly and chemical free products because that sofa should be used by your children sit on should be a safe and chemical free environment. So trust it to us to leave your upholstery pieces not only clean and smelling good, but safe for your loved ones. To analyse that things you can also trust on Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane who uses only use green eco-friendly family safe cleaning products.

You always remember that upholstery cleaning helps to improve your overall air quality, which is something you should be committed to. Regularly cleaning your upholstery also means it will last longer. It keeps the fibres healthy and in good condition, which means that you won’t need to replace it as often. As such, keeping good care of your furniture actually means you spend less overall. Poor maintenance of upholstery keeps your sofa dirty and makes cleaning them a deadly task. Though we take enough care, it is important to have the upholstery cleaned by professionals at least once a year. You can also take care of your upholstery clean in between the professional upholstery cleanings.


Our Fresh Upholstery Cleaning offers the very best deep steam cleaning of your upholstered furniture by certified technicians. Our cleaning services offer the deepest clean and are also fast drying. Our technicians are happy to come to your home and provide a free estimate for your cleaning needs.

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It’s important to get your upholstery cleaned, the reasons are obvious. A dirty Upholstery Stain Removal leaves a bad impression, thus making your home look dirty and unhygienic. To avoid this kind of scenario one needs to have his upholstery cleaned and sanitized.